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Covid-19 Update

Welcome back, we've missed you!

It's all about safety first 

Our priority is the safety of our customers and team. We've conducted Covid risk assessments and implemented the latest guidance, though these are under constant review to ensure we're keeping up to date.

Customer feedback is very important to us so if you think there is more we can do or have any concerns please do get in touch to let us know.

The garden centre

We've made a few changes within the garden centre to introduce the latest guidance and safety measures, whilst trying to ensure your experience remains as close as it was before.

Face coverings

It's now mandatory to wear a face covering (unless exempt) in all retail spaces, so thank you for coming prepared and wearing yours before entering.


We have a hand santising station on arrival, along with cleaning materials for your trolley or basket.  We're also regularly santising key areas and surfaces as part of our new cleaning regimes.


You'll see that we've introduced new one way routes and floor markings to indicate and aid distancing in store. Please do help us maintain social distancing by following these.

Our Team

Our wonderful staff are all now wearing PPE, though this won't stop them being available to offer friendly advice and help (though from an increased distance)


Belle & Joe's

You'll have heard this one before . . . Wash your hands please!

We've installed a hand-washing sink so you can wash your hands before eating without having to enter the toilets. Please do also avail yourself of the sanitiser - we have gallons of it so we can all have the cleanest hands in the county!

We're bigger (and yet smaller)

We've spread out! - despite our restaurant now occupying nearly 3 times it's former space, we have less seating capacity. This means our servers have a much larger area to cover, which combined with new kitchen and cleaning processes means that service may be slightly slower - particularly at peak times.

Servers will pass plates to you as they can't get too near and you may need to take hot drinks off their trays.

PPE & Screens

Our team are now wearing PPE to help keep us all safe, we've also introduced new screens and partitions between tables to ensure distancing though hopefully they're no more intrusive than a garden trellis.

'I'll have a P please Bob'

(It's a blockbusters reference, which wont mean anything to anyone under 40!)

Our loo's have moved - We've reinstated our old toilet block which provides a male, female and disabled loo. It's well ventilated and a more Covid-Secure solution than our usual toilets which are out of use currently due to them being smaller and more cramped. 

Clean, clean, clean

Tables and armrests are sanitsied between each use. Other communal surfaces are cleaned regularly too. Our menus are now single use and will be disposed of when you table is cleared.

The bill

When you've finished your meal just ask you server for the bill, who can take payment at the table. Please don't come up to the counter so we can ensure distancing for yourselves and the team. Please also don't walk out without paying as running after you in a face visor is really uncomfortable :-)